The Morocco e-Visa application process

The Morocco visa application should be submitted a few business days prior to the planned date of travel.

The Morocco e-Visa online application requires the following three simple steps, which includes:

  1. Enter essential details: put the necessary data, including personal data, contact information, and details related to your trip.
  2. Upload supporting documentation: make digital copies of required documents and upload them to the online application form.
  3. Cover the visa fee: use one of the available methods of online payment and pay the processing fee.

After paying the fee, make sure to check your email address which should be sent just after registering the payment. The confirmation email will include the application ID, which may be necessary to check on the progress of your visa application.

Apply for Morocco e-Visa
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Necessary documents

To successfully submit your Morocco e-Visa application make sure you have the following documents:

  • ordinary passport copy (with a validity of the min. 90 days)*
  • proof of onward/return trip
  • passport-style face photograph
  • sufficient funds evidence (it must cover the entire duration of planned stay in Morocco)

*Only a holder of an ordinary passport can apply for a Morocco visa online. If you are a holder of any other passport type, e.g., special, service, diplomatic, or any other travel document, an in-person visit at an embassy or consulate will be necessary.

Other requirements

Apart from preparing the required documents, you should have access to the following:

  • working electronic device
  • stable Internet connection
  • valid means of online payment
  • active email address

Processing time

The processing time always depends on the decision of the Moroccan authorities. Nevertheless, it should take approximately 3 business days as long as the submitted application form is free of errors and requires no corrections.

To ensure a smooth application, make sure to first familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria and documents that you would need to submit when applying online. Next, prepare a high-quality digital copy of the required documents to avoid the need to resubmit them.

Do not leave Morocco with your visa formalities at the last moment. Apply for a visa at least a few business days before the date of your intended travel and avoid unnecessary stress.