Requirements to apply for a Morocco visa online

The Morocco visa application should be submitted a few business days prior to the planned date of travel.

Requirements for an online visa to Morocco

Morocco online visa requirements specify the list of required documents and other criteria that must be met to be eligible for the online visa application.

One of the most important factors determining whether an applicant is eligible for a Morocco e-Visa is their nationality. While certain nationals can apply for a visa online, others need to visit the nearest embassy or consulate and obtain a visa in a traditional way.

One of the most important documents that an eligible applicant needs to submit when applying online is a valid passport. In most cases, however, applicants will also need to provide a residence permit issued by a certain country.

Morocco e-Visa application can be completed within minutes from the comfort of the applicant’s home. Next, the processing time may take around 3 business days, so it’s best to submit the visa application at least a few business days prior to travel.

Apply for Morocco e-Visa
morocco e-visa requirements

Necessary documents

To submit your Morocco e-Visa application, you may need to provide the following documents:

  • ordinary passport copy (a passport must be valid for at least 90 days)
  • passport-style face photograph
  • confirmation of onward/return travel
  • sufficient funds proof (covering the duration of planned stay)

*Please note that it must be an ordinary passport, as other passport types or travel documents will not be accepted. A holder of a non-ordinary passport will need to contact the nearest Moroccan embassy or consulate and get an appropriate visa there.

Most nationalities, except for India, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Israel, Thailand, and Guatemala, also need to provide a copy of:

  • a residence permit issued by the USA, the EU, the UK, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Canada, or Switzerland (valid for at least six months)
  • a non-electronic visa issued by the Schengen member country, the USA, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, or Ireland (valid for at least three months)

Other requirements

Apart from gathering all necessary documents, it will be essential to have access to the following:

  • a stable Internet connection
  • a working electronic device (laptop, smartphone, PC, tablet)
  • active email address
  • a valid method of online payment

Requirements on arrival

When arriving in Morocco, you may need to show some documents to enter the country without any issues. These documents may include:

  • a printed copy of your valid visa
  • valid passport
  • your residence card or visa supporting your application (if applicable)
  • proof of your onward/return travel
  • sufficient funds proof
  • insurance proof

Make sure to prepare all the abovelisted documents to ensure smooth entry to Morocco.

Transit information

If Morocco is only a transit stop on your way to your final destination, you may need to obtain a transit visa if you are a national of a non-visa-exempt country.

The Morocco transit visa may be issued for one or two transit stops while a transit visa holder may stay in Morocco for maximally 72 hours before taking a connecting flight to their final destination.